Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines have nothing whatsoever to do with autism. Full stop.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the issue of vaccines and autism on this blog. I would rather spend time talking about the fact that autism is genetic, that it’s inherited, and the consequences of having autism. I would rather not spend a lot of time on a theory proposed by a fraud with no evidence whatsoever.

Here’s the bottom line:

The mercury that was thought to be involved is no longer in vaccines, and autism rates have continued to climb.

Mercury causes proteins to precipitate out. They do not cause point mutations that we find in all people with autism.

When you point out that there’s no more mercury in vaccines, anti-vaccers tend to move the goal post and argue that it’s the heightened immune response. However, the immune response is lower than with past vaccines, and many of the vaccines have fewer kinds of viruses combined–and autism rates are still climbing.

Our medical institutions have responded to every objection to vaccines, even though there is no medical evidence to back up those claims, and autism rates still climb.

Somehow it hasn’t occurred to people that the changing definitions of autism over the decades, the switch from “mentally retarded” to “autism” in the most severe cases (the rates of mental retardation have gone down at almost the same rate as rates of autism have increased), and improving diagnosis that includes people like me are more than sufficient to explain the increases.

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