I recently posted on the interconnections among glutamine, glutamate, and GABA. The only thing I noted about GABA is its role in reducing anxiety. However, there is research that shows that GABA is directly involved in the workings of the inhibitory neurons known as basket cells.

So glutamate, which is involved in the excitatory neurons, is transformed into GABA, which is involved in inhibitory neurons. For those whose autism is caused by IWT, it seems that it would be worth looking at the glutamate-GABA pathway.

5 thoughts on “GABA

  1. I wonder if drugs like gabapentin (Neurontin) could help autistic people with anxiety (including social anxiety).


    1. I do believe anti-anxiety drugs have been proven to help with autistic anxiety. I’ve never used any, so I can’t attest to their value one way or another. I also don’t know what living without anxiety feels like.


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