After Boy Scout Camp

This past weekend, the entire family went on the Boy Scout camp out. Daniel is a Wolf, and this is the second year, and third time, camping. The first year it was just him and me, but the last two times the entire family came.

Daniel loves Boy Scouts. He participates in everything, from the styrofoam boat and wooden car races to the projects they do in their meetings or at camp. He also is much more comfortable with his fellow Boy Scouts than he seems to be among his classmates at school. My guess is that it’s because of the small den sizes, but there may be other aspects to it as well.

On Saturday evening, after dinner, the Boy Scouts do skits and tell jokes. Daniel lined up to tell a joke, but Daniel is not actually very good at telling jokes. The punchline tends not to have anything to do with the opening of the joke. And indeed, when it was his turn, he told a joke that didn’t make the least bit of sense. However, while Daniel had been in line, he had heard over 20 correctly told jokes. And that’s what mattered.

It mattered because, the next day, at home, Daniel decided to tell a joke:

What time is it when the diver feeds the shark a pizza?

It’s dive-o’clock!

I asked him where he heard that joke, and he said, “It’s from my brain.”

So it seems that the experience of hearing other children tell proper jokes helped. At least with that joke, anyway. And, more, it seems to have been an original!

Also this week, though, Daniel realized there was a problem.

Daniel: “Dylan can’t join the Boy Scouts.”

Me: “Why not?”

Daniel: “Because, where will we camp if he’s in Boy Scouts?”

You see, each den tends to camp together. Meaning, we camped among the other Wolf Scouts. Next year, when Dylan joins, he’ll be a Tiger and Daniel will be promoted to Bear. Daniel decided Dylan couldn’t join the Scouts because we couldn’t camp in two places at the same time. Of course, the entire troop is in the same general location, so it’s hardly an actual problem. Just one of those things Daniel figured out and found a problem with. We of course had to explain to him that it wasn’t a real problem, and that therefore his solution to exclude Dylan from the Boy Scouts wasn’t necessary.

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