EEOC Ruling on My Discrimination Claim

Today I received a message on my phone from the EEOC saying, after three years of “investigation,” they found no fault with Lockton-Dunning in my claim Lockton discriminated against me for being autistic. Pretty much everything Lockton claimed was a lie–including that they had problems with my work from the beginning (which I’m sure is why they told me they were getting ready to give me more duties the Friday before they let me go) and that I was only going to be there part-time (it was admittedly a trial period, a part time to hire, but they lied that it was intended to be a full time position–meaning the EEOC believed Lockton over both me and the placement agency that told me it was part time to hire).

More, the EEOC said that it was apparently a problem that I hadn’t disclosed to Lockton that I had Asperger’s before they hired me. And apparently the EEOC isn’t familiar with its own laws which make it abundantly clear that I in fact don’t have to ever disclose my disability. They also said there was a problem with the fact that I hadn’t been officially diagnosed (something I have since taken care of), even though their own laws state that the company only has to believe I have a disability for them to discriminate against my having a disability. The people at the EEOC ought to know the laws they enforce better than this.

So the EEOC is now going to give me a release that will allow me to sue the company if I want. I’m sure I will have to disclose that the EEOC found no fault with the company. Which ought to bias everyone against me, because everyone just assumes that the EEOC is on the side of employees and not the employers.

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