A View From the Outside

I am wondering how many people would listen to a podcast were I to do one. I am thinking of titling it “A View From the Outside” because of my view that the autistic mind is sufficiently different from neurotypical minds as to be the closest to an “outside” view a neurotypical could get to a variety of topics.

While I would of course cover issues of autism–and in this sense and case the title would be ironic, since it’s actually a view of autism from the inside–I would also cover a variety of other topics as well. Many of my political views are themselves outsider views, so the title would work in that sense, but at the same time I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake my world view for being the world view of all autistics (that itself can be a topic).

While I suppose a few people here may have guessed my politics, I have generally tried to avoid any explicitly political positions because that’s simply not what this blog is about, and I believe that politics is and ought to be one of the tiniest portions of our lives. At the same time, on a podcast such as I’m suggesting, I likely wouldn’t avoid politics, economics, social issues, and so on.

Is it possible, do you think, for me to be political on a podcast and not hurt my brand here? What do you think? Were I to do a podcast, would you listen? And if I said things with which you disagreed politically, economically, socially, etc., do you think people could separate that from this?

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