“An Intense World” is a blog about autism, told from the perspective of someone on the autism spectrum who has a child on the autism spectrum. Because I have Asperger’s, when I learned my son, Daniel, had autism, I began to obsessively learn everything I could about autism. With an undergraduate degree in molecular biology and two years of graduate school in molecular biology, that meant I could read the more complex scientific works on autism.

I want this blog to be a combination of things: a personal account of my son and me, and a presentation of some of the scientific work out there on autism, made as clear as possible. And more, because I am on the spectrum myself, I can provide you with a little insight regarding what it’s like to have autism from the inside.

If you’re not on the spectrum, you may be wondering what on earth it is your child is thinking. It is my hope that I can help you understand that. There are many ways to understand yourself and others. One way is scientific. I’ll be talking about the science of autism. Another way is artistic. I’m a poet who writes poems about the experience of autism from a poet’s perspective. Another way is psychologically. I will try to provide insights into what it’s like to experience the world when you’re autistic. And yet another is sociologically. I will try to explain to you how we interact socially, and where we succeed and where we fail.

This is our story, my thoughts, and my research.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I would have a bunch of succulents in the header, Daniel is obsessed with plants. Especially succulents. As was I when I was young.